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Learn how radiant barrier works and why you need RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier foil insulation in your attic:

Because no one attic solution solves all energy problems, each residential attic requires a unique design solution.  Therefore, we offer the following additional installation services:

  • Blown-in Fiberglass Attic Insulation - our Attic Solution Architect may recommend adding additional blown-in insulation to bring your attic floor insulation R-Value up to R-38.  By increasing the amount of blown-in insulation, you protect your living spaces below against conductive heat gain and loss, a second method of heat transfer that occurs in an attic space.  We also offer attic insulation removal services.
  • Soffit and Exhaust Vent Ventilation - an extremely important feature of an effective attic is air ventilation.  A well-ventilated attic keeps a home more comfortable in the summer by carrying out accumulated static heat and protects against moist hot air from accumulating in the attic that could potentially cause rotting of internal attic structures.  As part of our free attic evaluation service, our Attic Solution Architects will determine the amount of soffit vents you need based on the cubic size of your attic and inspect existing soffit vents to determine if they are the correct size and unobstructed to allow for maximum airflow.
  • Solar Powered Attic Fan - for maximum attic air ventilation, we recommend and install Attic Breeze Solar attic fans which continuously remove attic heat and moisture buildup throughout the day creating a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool.  And because it's solar powered, you don't add to your electrical usage and you receive a 30% tax credit on the price of the fan and installation costs.  With a lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong with Attic Breeze.

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radiant barrier cutout

This image was taken immediately thereafter with a FLIR i7 infrared camera.

The temperature readings from the surface of the RadiantGUARD® average approx. 100 degrees.

The temperature readings of the roof decking surface average approx. 130 degrees; 30 degrees HOTTER than the surface of the RadiantGUARD®.

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Our RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier aluminum insulation BLOCKs 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface making it the most effective product designed to stop the transfer of radiant heat into and out of your home year round.

RadiantGUARD® - The Best Radiant Barrier

How does radiant barrier work?

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Why You need a radiant barrier

This image was taken immediately thereafter with a FLIR i7 infrared camera.

There is very little difference in temperature between the exposed OSB left side with no protection and the right side sprayed with the radiant barrier paint.

The temperature readings from the surface of the RadiantGUARD® average approx.30 degrees COOLER than both sides of the OSB

The following images provide a visual of how effective RadiantGUARD aluminum attic insulation is against blocking radiant heat from a residential roof deck from entering an attic space. The images were taken from the attic floor viewing upward to the RadiantGUARD attached to the underside of the roof decking.

We DON'T recommend or use radiant barrier paints.  They are NOT true radiant barriers per the American Society of Testing and Materials International (ASTM); they are actually solutions made of paint and small metallic flakes.  They are more accurately called Interior Radiation Control Coatings (IRCC) only if they block 75% or more of the radiant heat.

​Per the ASTM, a product MUST have a radiant heat reflectivity of 90% or higher to be classified as a radiant barrier

Our RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier reflects 97% of the radiant heat; much higher than the ASTM requirement and even higher than the best so called radiant barrier paint on the market today which are HeatBLOCK Ultra at 80.5% reflectivity and LoMit-II Max 85.3% reflectivity.

Consumers of radiant barrier paints needs to be aware of some of the pitfalls of having radiant barrier sprays installed in their attic:

  • In order to cut costs, some commercial installers will actually mix a thinner paint solution with water in order to get more coverage.  Doing so greatly reduces the product's ability to block the radiant heat. 
  • Under applying the radiant barrier spray is another way contractors attempt to cut costs and that means the results are less than ideal.  

RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier attic installations provide a quicker ROI (return-on-investment) because they block much more heat than the radiant barrier paint products.

This image was taken on a 90 degree sunny day with a standard 35mm camera. It shows a 20” X 20” cut out of the RadiantGUARD® exposing the roof decking above.

Radiant Barrier vs. Radiant Barrier paint

radiant barrier thermal
live attic temperatures

While most homes have one of many different types of conventional insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, rockwool, etc), such attic insulation alone cannot stop the transfer of heat into your home. Conventional attic insulation is designed to absorb heat up to a certain amount. Once the insulation absorbs as much heat as it can (it's saturation level), the heat is then quickly transferred out the opposite side through the ceiling and walls into your home. And in the evening after the temperature outside has cooled down, that insulation sitting on your attic floor is still passing heat into your home require your air conditioner to work longer than necessary to cool of your house.

Because radiant heat accounts for the majority of heat gain and loss in a home, we strongly recommend our RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier attic install service to BLOCK radiant heat transfer.  With a reflectivity of 97% of the radiant heat, it offers the highest reflectivity available in the market along with a LIFETIME warranty. It is a thin double-sided pure aluminum material (about the thickness of a business card) that is very strong and durable and impossible to tear with hands due to a middle fabric scrim layer.   With perforations making it "breathable", our radiant barrier allows moisture-vapor to pass through it which is important in an attic space where moisture generated within the home collects and passes out of the attic space with attic ventilation.

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This image was taken on a 90 degree sunny day with a standard 35mm camera. It shows a 20” X 40” cut out of the RadiantGUARD® exposing the roof decking above with the right half sprayed with a radiant barrier paint.

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