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live attic temperatures
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For optimal energy efficiency, an attic design solution should address all three forms of heat transfer that occurs in an attic space:

  1. By far the majority of heat gain and heat loss is radiant heat. Our RadiantGUARD® Ultima-foil radiant barrier BLOCKs 97% of this heat by reflecting it back to its source.
  2. Another form of heat that must be addressed is convective heat. This heat is best controlled with a well-designed active ventilation system.
  3. The remaining type of heat that must be managed to create an energy saving attic is convective heat. Conventional attic insulation, such as fiberglass or cellulose, is very effective at slowing down this form of heat transfer.

On a typical summer day, with an outdoor temperature between 90 to 100 degrees, the temperature in an attic space without radiant barrier can easily reach 140+ degrees.

Adding a RadiantGUARD radiant barrier and an active ventilation system to an attic will drop the temperature of the attic down close to the outside temperature (see middle temperature in LIVE video above).

With sufficient conventional insulation on the attic floor, you can further slow down this heat  from making its way into the living spaces below and thereby reduce the amount of time your air conditioning system runs resulting in lower electric bills and a more confortable home.  In an energy efficient attic designed by RadiantGUARD-PSG, it's not unusual for the temperature under the attic floor insulation to be BELOW the outdoor temperature (see bottom temperature in LIVE video above).

live attic temperatures

Live Attic Temperatures with RadiantGUARD® Attic Solutions in Frisco, TX

**Temps greater than 140 degrees display as IHH.H**